Location of Shortstown is along the A600, linking Bedford with the A507 and Hitchin. The site rises from the valley floor formed by the Elstow Brook and extends to the south, up to the ridge on which Shortstown now stands. 


The village was originally built by the Short Brothers for its workers.  The Short Brothers were involved in the airship side to the aviation sector.  Shortstown initially grew quite quickly, with housing laid out in a Garden City style.  In 1920 the War Office acquired the airfied from the Short Brothers and the airfield became known as RAF Cardington. 


By 2000 RAF Cardington had closed and the military had sold many of the houses, mainly to Bedford Borough Council, who later transferred many of them to housing associations.  


There has been expansion in the number of dwellings in Shortstown.  In 2007 the Shortstown Village Hall was opened. Since then a major development for Shortstown began in 2012 on the former RAF site where a mixed range of housing, shops, children's centre, and school were built.

Shortstown has seen investment made by businesses in the form of a modern convienience shop which incorporates the Post Office, a new pharmacy and Tesco Express.

    A modern, accessible to all Doctors surgery moved to

      Beauvais Square which is able to serve a growing