Trustee meeting June

Hi Everyone

Please read further down for the information from the Trustee meeting in June.

Shortstown Community Trust

Charity No: 1103038 Company No: 05027452


Office: 50 Greycote, Shortstown, Bedford, MK42 0TU

Treasurer: Mrs R Wilson-Apperson, 1 Blenheim Road, Shortstown, Bedford, MK42 0UY

Minutes of meeting: 13 June 2014


Jon Roe Katie MacDougall Rita Wilson-Apperson

Campbell Wilson-Apperson Derek Jones Fiona Rutherford

Allen Campbell Kevin (?) Debbie Senior (Minutes)


Ken Manley

1. Minutes of the last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 13 December were not available. A copy of the amended minutes will be tabled at the next meeting for noting by the Committee.

2. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising

3. Correspondence

There was no correspondence received.

4. Finance

A statement was given by the Treasurer. There is currently £7578 in the current account. We have a refund of £3788.61 from insurance provider (covering the damage to the hall following a recent vehicle collision).

5. Annual Financial Accounts and Statement

The Annual Accounts were still being finalised and would be presented back to the Committee before they are submitted to Companies House.

6. Maintenance and Repairs

Campbell reported that he had changed a light sensor and 2 motors were replaced on the emergency exit. Also, the disabled loo handle was repaired. The fridge was also repaired.

7. Communications

Website now built and live. Katie reported that this was very helpful with bookings as she could send prospective customers there to see photos of the venue rather than taking them round to the hall in person.

There are still problems moving the hall’s BT account away from Allen’s personal account. Jon would look into this further.

8. Vandalism update

Key safe has been snapped off and the vandal caught on the hall’s CCTV. At the time of the meeting there had been no action taken by police.

9. Trustee Registration

This was still outstanding and Allen was dealing with it.

10. Refuse Collection

A discussion took place on the cost of refuse collection as Bedford Borough Council is increasing their charges. It was agreed that we would continue to pay BBC £16 per fortnight for a fortnightly service and opt for a random pick up at £14 when required.

11. Employment

A contract of employment was provided for Katie MacDougall. Jon also provided a grievance and disciplinary procedure for village hall employees.

12.Price Bouncy Castle and Hall Hire

Katie suggested a package deal when customers opt for both castle and hall hire. Katie is looking into pairing up with a bouncy castle hall hire firm and we expect to get a good deal so that the hall gets a small share. Katie to look into and report back at the next meeting.

13. Chair and Table Hire

Considered whether we should hire out tables and chairs to friends of the hall. Agreed this was probably too much work for little gain. Loan out of tables to be discretionary.

Also discussed the difficulty of putting tables away. Fiona and Jon agreed to look into getting a “table tool” which will make this easier.

14. Other

Beeping noise – Debbie complained that the sensors in the hall beep regularly and this had caused some issues at a recent WI meeting. Rita also reported that Swingsters had complained too. Jon to look into this and see if it can be silenced.

Inventory – an inventory of the hall needs to be done. Kev agreed to do this.

Mobile phone – Katie’s mobile phone is old and some of the functionality is broken. Agreed that she could buy a replacement up to the value of £100, but ideally around £50-60.


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